Giving TootyCo a Little Love

Oh my goodness! It has been a while since I’ve given my site a little love. Belated Happy Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and New Year to everyone!

Since my last post, I’ve certainly been busy making various things for my fabulous customers, friends, and family. Most recently, I was asked if I could make a crochet baby beanie…that looked like a woman’s breast. A dear friend had asked since her sister is having her first baby this Spring. I thought, sure, I’ll figure something out.

Thankfully, I found this crochet pattern from The Oxford Family. Brilliant!

I made two of them and have to hide them from my six year old son who is mesmerized by them. I’m getting requests to make these for sale, but I’m not sure if I should? Anywaaay, here’s to supporting breast feeding mothers everywhere! And Happy Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day, if I don’t get back here sooner 🙂

I made this Crochet Boobie Beanie for Baby