It’s A Tiny Top Hat

Alright! I admit it. I watched the American Idol finale last night. But I didn’t just veg out on the couch, mindlessly watching the awful group numbers and fancy stage productions. I really wanted to see who won. Phillip Phillips forevzzz! Anywaaay…I found this adorable free pattern on Ravelry and made a tiny top hat. Go HERE if you want to make one too!

Yes, it does remind me of the Men on Film characters from In Living Color (remember that show?), but it’s totally for a baby…or a kid…or your dog…so many options! Here is a picture of my daughter who melted when she saw it and then did her best “Mad Hatter” impression at breakfast this morning. She does a pretty good crazy face, huh? I have no idea who she gets it from *looks side to side*.